“It may be easier than ever to start a product, but building a company is just as hard as it’s ever been.”

     - Sarah Lacy


Starting and sustaining a company to revenue generation and beyond is tough work.   Our members know this as each has started and/or been involved with multiple early-stage enterprises during their career.   We know entrepreneurship is not easy, but we are all passionate about it and believe the rewards are well worth the efforts.   Collaborating with bright, motivated people is the heart of what we do.   If your company is seeking funding, advice and assistance, and you're willing to sell part of your company to acquire these, keep reading.

Financial Rewards

If you think we sound too "nice", consider this:  when your idea hits it big with our help, we all prosper.  Ideally, our goals are that within 3-5 years, we help make our founders at least $5-$10M, and that our investment returns $5M or about 10x.  As such, we seek entrepreneurs who see the exit as their "pay-day" and want to create a scrappy, cash-conscious, lean but ambitious business.

Value-added Early Stage Capital

Xaphan Group makes early stage investments in promising start-ups seeking more than just a check.  We are in the business of helping entrepreneur dreams come true by providing knowledge, experience, mentoring and operational assistance as well as financial capital.  Let us help you turn your vision into a sustainable and profitable business.

Collaborative Engagement from the First Meeting

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each business.  Xaphan Group members invest in entrepreneurs beginning with the funding process: our members are available to qualified applicants to refine rough parts of a business plan, get input on a challenging issue, or offer guidance wherever else it may be requested.  Entrepreneurs meeting with us always leave better for the experience even if no deal is subsequently reached.


Post-funding, our investors are actively engaged in helping our portfolio companies' growth and meet their business objectives.  We are not backseat drivers; we roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to tackle the tough issues.  Our members work closely with entrepreneurs to prove technical and market feasibility, develop sound business models and go-to-market plans, attract senior management,  provide beneficial contacts, and bring in additional financing.  Typically, Xaphan Group members serve on advisory bodies and boards of directors of companies that are funded.  We have the capacity to temporarily fill senior management positions as well.  The value-add to companies and resources we commit is significant.