About Us

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

      - Thomas Edison

Investment Philosophy

Boutique, Value-added Investors

By limiting the number of companies within our portfolio, Xaphan Group's members are in a better  position to provide assistance when needed.  Likewise, our members prefer to work with companies where their experience, expertise and contacts, not just money, will make a difference.  We believe that by being actively involved, we can use our experience in building and financing businesses to help them increase in value faster with greater upside potential and lower downside risk.

Being Equally Fair to Companies We Invest In

We set a high standard for being fair to the companies and entrepreneurs we work with and expect the same in return.  We believe that the way to generate the highest returns is to fully recognize and value what all parties contribute by creating fair and motivating alignment between the shareholders and the founders/management of our investee companies.

Provide Our Constituents With The Highest Possible Returns

We seek to provide the highest possible returns for our investors and the companies we invest in.  In recognition of the inherent investment risk involved in early stage companies, we prefer opportunities that can achieve exit in 3-5 years with a 5-10x return.

Transparent Communication

We are committed to open, transparent communications with our shareholders and investees.